May 2016 :: Krema Kollettiva Residency :: Crema, Italy :: More info TBA

April/May 2016 :: Creative Tech Week (Venue TBA) :: April 30 – May 8th

February 2016 :: Gallery Paige :: Event Horizon :: Opening February 12th


Artefuse Magazine reviews
“The high energy continues with the futuristic and technologically brilliant interactive works by Erin KO. With the use of the specifically created application “eKo ART”, the already magnificent aluminum pieces are enhanced with a digital layer that not only creates an engaging and exciting experience, but also helps convey her message and perspective on technology.”

Pittsburgh City Paper reviews
“What appeared to be wall-mounted slabs of stone engage and vibrate with scrolling binary code. Beaming cosmonauts link you to videos and songs. Triptychs turn into comic panels, with mutating voice bubbles narrating the tale. Fragments fall three-dimensionally onto the gallery floor like crumbling ruins, a Coke bottle explodes in effervescence and, in the pièce de résistance, a black-and-white world erupts with color, and a thrilling surprise visit will make the viewer giddy.”

Daily Single  talks to erin Ko


“I often focus on technology and our relationship to it: “Mediated Reality”; the idea that many of us are now walking around w/ electronic devices between us and the world. Also “Layered Realities”; that everyday people exist in the same space but different worlds depending on how much technology they have let into their lives. Another concept – “Transcendence Through Technology”; how those expensive shiny devices offer a promise previously exclusive to the spiritual world.”

Berkshire Eagle on
We are The Music Makers


“A must see is Erin Ko’s “We are the Music Makers” at Gallery 51. It’s a mixed marriage of space-age technology and time-honored mysticism with some memorable offspring. In “Cloud Computing” — an Internet term — three Buddhist monks levitate on clouds while using computer technology. Lost in the Nirvana of cyberspace, these ethereal pilgrims are well on their way to cloud nine..”

eChinaCities  on FREE MONEY

John Seven talks to Erin Ko
Global Times China talks to Erin Ko
” In this mixed media show, Ko clearly places an emphasis on Sino-US relations, with many of her works mimicking Chinese propaganda posters or depicting stereotypical scenes of American life with Chinese “communist-style” slogans (which are actually highly satirical) placed beneath. Ko clearly rejects an industrial world that to her, is akin to a machine.”



“Some of the most visually exciting work in America for Sale borrowed from the Sino-Soviet poster art aesthetic. “Everything Must Go” by erin Ko combines the imagery of Maoist China with American icons both high and low like the statue of liberty and McDonald’s french fries. The piece, which is made of vinyl appliqués in the style of traditional Chinese paper cutting, has been meticulously applied directly onto the white wall. This makes it look like one entire side of the room is a giant poster.”